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  January 2007 Newsletter



I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Not sure about New Year's yet (started writing on the 28th of December), but Christmas was wonderful. I have my wife and kids to thank! It was the first time in a long time that we were all together. Anyway, this newsletter will be short, but full of important information for you. In the meantime, I wish you and yours a prosperous and a Happy 2007!

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

I have gotten this question from many of you about Grisoft's AVG no longer being free. I believe in an attempt to get more paid subscribers to their Professional version of AVG 7.5, that they created a splash screen warning users of an impending 7.5 and to "Buy" it now. But with a little research you will find that they still offer the new 7.5 in a FREE version. If you are using AVG currently and do not have the newest version 7.5, I would download it today and run it. Remember, with the new 7.5 install you will select "Repair" and it automatically update your old version. Also, since Grisoft purchased EWIDO 4.0, they now have a Spyware product to complement their Anti-virus product. I have used this program when it was Ewido and I have to say it is a great program. It is also free and both products can be downloaded from here:

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New Office Attack

Currently, there is a new attack that is packaged in a PowerPoint Slide presentation and that arrives as an attachment to an email. It is called Christmas+Blessing-4.ppt. For starters, make sure your automatic updates are turned on (don't know how, let me know), and keep your Windows OS up to date. From reading this article: it appears that AVG and some of the other vendors are not picking this up. So, if you get an email with attachment called Christmas+Blessing-4.ppt and/or the subject of the email is "Merry Christmas to our hero sons and daughters!", don't open it...delete it!

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Hackers Spam 'Happy New Year' Worm

If you get infected with this... good luck! This comes as an attachment to email and named postcard.exe and will be making it's rounds over New Years. Most of you know not to click on .exe files that are attached to emails, but because this might appear to come from someone you know, you may have the urge to open it. Don't. This is one reason I send my emails "Digitally signed", so you know that they are in fact from me, even though I could never see a bot working my system (email) personally. A short article for more info can be found here: and as you read through it you will understand how serious this is, as it uses Rootkit architecture technology.

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Thunderbird Email Client

Just recently, Thunderbird updated itself to the latest version, which is After this update, I noticed some strange behavior. After some reading, it is clear that this update is buggy. Normally, I can deal with a few bugs, but this one I can't. For one when clicking on a folder within an email account (such as the "Sent" folder) it would seem to crash while building an index file for that folder. Well it doesn't crash, but it might as well since it doesn't complete the index. Also, there are problems loading email address from the address book. I read that there are more then I am mentioning, but it would bore you. So, what to do. Well, first off if you aren't experiencing any problems, don't worry about it. However, if you are like me and they are a nuisance you can revert back to an earlier version. I keep earlier versions on our file server here at home, but if you didn't save an earlier release you can get them here on mozilla's ftp server (all releases from the beginning of time to now):

If you are having issues, I suggest (questions, let me know)

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Thunderbird Tip!

Many of you have installed a theme for Firefox and would like that theme on Thunderbird as well. If you have Noia Extreme as your Mozilla Firefox theme you can go here: to download and install the same theme for Thunderbird (follow instructions on page for installing). Otherwise, click Tools/Themes or Addons in Thunderbird and then Get Themes to go to Mozilla's Addon page for Thunderbird! As always, check to make sure the addon is compatible with the version you are running and then follow instructions for download and install.

Firefox Tip!

Have a web page that you want to see full screen! Just hit F11 when you are on that web page. Hit it again to return to normal view as this shortcut is a "toggle" key.

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