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  December 2006 - Misc.

Hopefully, many of you downloaded the new Firefox 2.0 version (if not FF may have pushed an update to your 1.5.0.X to To check what version you have, simply click on "Help" and then "About Mozilla Firefox". If you don't have Firefox Version 2.0, then I strongly suggest downloading it from the site and installing it.

  November 2006 - New Browser Versions, Sandboxie

This past month saw a look into the future for browsers. Mozilla has introduced Firefox 2.0, while Internet Explorer has introduced it's IE 7. If you don't use Firefox, then you don't need to concern yourself. However, whether you do or not, you will want to upgrade IE 6 to IE 7 as there are many security fixes and improvements (such as add ons, which basically expand IE's functions). One of the biggest improvements were tabs in IE...

  October 2006 - VML Exploit, Sandboxie

Recently, I sent out a warning about the VML Exploit. It was so critical, that Microsoft actually released a patch "out of cycle". However, unless you have your system set up to automatically download updates and install them, your computer may still be at risk if you did not unregister the VGX.dll file (for more info, look at the security update that I sent out on 9/22/06).

  September 2006 - Security

A lot of security info in this newsletter. You will want to read it, unless you don't care about making your computer/network secure and you think you are already protected (I call that a "false sense of security"). Computer security is an ever changing landscape and to stay in the "safe zone", you have to be constantly on the offensive.

  August 2006 - Firefox, Truecrypt

For those of you that have Firefox installed, read on. Otherwise, skip to the next section. I have long tauted Firefox's usability, security as well as it's extensions. The following article is about a Trojan that installs as an extension into Firefox. This was discovered by McAfee...

  July 2006 - Misc., Security

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Last month I talked about sites phishing and spoofing. When you really stop and think about it, security would not be an issue if it were not for the Internet and email. However, imagine doing anything without it! Therefore, as long as there are people out there that want your money, you are not safe once you connect.

  June 2006 - Spoofing, iOpus and

Today, I want to share an experience with you and when I am done, you will not go back to using Internet Explorer. I received an email that had me go to Ebay and review my account. I suspected (but my guess is the unsuspecting would not notice) that this link was not being directed to Ebay.

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  May 2006 - Banking Online

The following advice continues on the theme of security. Some of what I will discuss may be old news for some of you, but for many it will be new. It is important information and if you are just receiving these newsletters (new customers) and would like to get past newsletters, please send me a request and I will email them to you. Yesterday a customer asked me about bank security (as far as banking on the Internet goes). This person has a lot of money in their account and they are very concerned (as they should be). I personally bank online as it is very convenient and if you follow a few simple steps, you can too safely...

  April 2006 - Misc. Security

Last month I introduced SiteAdvisor as another tool to help protect your computer from malicious web sites. Since then, I have to say it is a great tool and works great in whatever browser you are using. (currently as of 2-16-07 owned by McAfee)

  March 2006 - Site Advisor

Well, here it is March already and much is taking place in the security field. With spam, spoofing, phishing, computer viruses, etc., there have been some very active in helping users gain back control. I have stumbled upon a plugin that is for IE and Mozilla Firefox. Most of you are either using Firefox exclusively or for the majority of your browsing. So, installing this plugin is a breeze. It is called Siteadvisor and does just that, advises you on the site before you even go to it and of course when you are on the site!

  February 2006 - Spoofing

Today, I received an email that appeared to be from Ebay. As most of you know, I use Thunderbird for my email client. In the Ebay message I was warned that my account "could be suspended" unless I re-update my account information. This looked suspicious to me, however I decided to follow the link in the email. Upon clicking on the link, Thunderbird warned me that this was a suspicious link (nice feature) and if I really wanted to proceed to the site. I clicked yes.

  January 2006

No Newsletter for the month of January 2006. First newsletter in this series, starts with the February 2006 issue.

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