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  Anti-Virus, Spyware Programs (4-29-2009)

  Security (Updated 3-17-2009)
  • LogMeIn - Hamachi - This is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. A zero configuration software that simple works. A VPN will allow you to connect to your network at home/office as if you were on the same LAN. This is a FREE version, although you can get a Licensed version as well. I list this under security, because all traffic on this network is very secure due to SSH Tunneling and Encryption. To download and for more information and features, vistit their website. A good explanation of how Hamachi works: Hamachi Wiki
  • iOpus Private Internet Gateway - strongly suggest for wireless Internet connections (especially when logging into sensitive sites, such as bank accounts, email, etc.). If you are connected to a Wifi Hot Spot, this is for you, as your Internet traffic will be encrypted. Trial version has 3 MB of bandwidth, while the paid version is 30 Gig a year. You can set up your own server as well for unlimited bandwidth. Both the server and client are free. You will only need the client version, unless you want to set up your own server.
  • TrueCrypt Encrypting tool (current version 6.1a, released 12/01/2008). This latest version is a vast improvement over the older versions with many more new features. Therefore, if you have an older version, I highly recommend upgrading. This is a FREE program and in my opinion the best encryption tool on the market. You can create encrypted volumes, partions and even now whole hard drives!

  Browsers (Updated 3-17-2009)
  • Flock - Flock Browser. This is a very good browser based on the Firefox browser. Has many tools for the Social Networking person. Check this browser out!
  • Mozilla Firefox great browser!
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera Browser and Email in one application!
  Miscellaneous (updated 3-17-2009)

Firefox 2 Get Flocked
Get Thunderbird! iPig

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